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Class Descriptions

***Dance with Blue Springs Ballet and Performing Arts ! Located in downtown Blue Springs. Convenient location near Lee's Summit, Independence, Raytown, Grain Valley and Oak Grove.***

dancer pinkCreative Movement: Young students learn dance movements as they move in circles, diagonals and lines. They learn the basic classical ballet positions and simple steps. While we emphasize pointing their feet and standing with nice straight backs we are not overly technical at this young developmental stage. Children learn to dance to music and develop rhythm and coordination and a love for dance. We have exciting music with songs and different themes that peek a child’s imagination. We also teach children about a fairytale ballet with simplified versions of each dance.

Pre-Ballet: We incorporate a ballet barre which consists of ballet warm-up exercises. The children learn the correct terminology for simple ballet steps. They dance to music with and without songs. Musicality, grace, and coordination are developed through positive reinforcement in this class. Fairytale stories and dances are taught which promote creative expression. The joy is evident in these young students as they progress and become confident with their dance movements.

Magical Kingdom of Dance: Introducing the Magical Kingdom of Dance class for age 5 1/2 - 7 Years. This dance class is presented in picture form using colorful mats to make it easy to remember steps, positions, directions and ballet terminology. The magical alphamat gives each dancer a world of their own as it uses a variety of characters such as dancing ponies (pas de cheval), cats( pas de chat), fish( pas de poisson) and more to learn ballet in a delightful way !

Ballet: Ballet is the foundation for all types of dance. A student will develop proper placement, good posture, technique, and grace. They will learn correct terminology of dance movements. This will enable them to learn other styles of dance quicker and advance more rapidly.

Pointe: Pointe is a form of ballet where students dance on their toes in special shoes that give extra support. A student is only put on pointe after several years of consistent formal training and only when they are physically ready.

Pas de deux: A partnering class for boys and girls. Female dancers perform turns such as pirouettes and ballet movements as they are supported by their male partners. The dancers also learn to perform various lifts. Only dancers who are sufficiently strong on pointe may attend this class.

Jazz II & III: Jazz is a contemporary form of dance that combines ballet and modern dance. Jazz teaches a student to isolate parts of the body and move to a rhythmic beat.

Jazz I: Ages 8 -12.( age 8 with Level 1 ballet training )Students learn age appropriate jazz movements to rhythmic beats of music. Jazz incorporates isolations , ballet and modern dance into contemporary choreography. Students will develop skills using turns, kicks and jumps. 


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